a. Prison Visit

“I was in prison, you visited me”(Mt.25: 36).

Visit to the prisoners is a divine call by Jesus Himself who was himself in prison. Adhering to this divine call the members faithfully and regularly visit the prisoners on a weekly basis. This visit helps them to talk and share their difficulties and the agony of loneliness and disappointment they experience in prison.

b. Liturgical and spiritual celebrations in prison

The inmates are offered the possibilities of fulfilling their spiritual obligations while they are in prison. The catholic inmates are provided with the opportunity of attending the Eucharist and to make their confessions. Every unit functions under a prison chaplain who also works as the unit director. Other non-catholic inmates are provided with other spiritual opportunities such as prayer services, retreats, meditation, recitation of rosaries or other prayers, etc.

c. Legal and parole aid

The poor and under privileged inmates are supported with a legal aid if they are incapable of proceeding with their cases in the higher courts for a better justice and sentence. The organization strives to provide such inmates with a lawyer who will take up their cases in the court.

The organization in many places endeavors to provide bail services to inmates who have no one to support with security and those who have never received a parole

d. Work and Counselling programme in prison

Foreseeing the positive return and reintegration of those already in prison the movement attempts to provide job oriented work programs in prison with the permission of the concerned authorities. Therefore the movement has initiated tailoring for female prisoners, and other vocational skills in prison both for men and women.

Counseling is made available to the prisoners in prison with the help of those qualified in counseling. This service temporarily alleviates their feeling of loneliness, disappointment and frustration while they are in prison. Many eagerly wait for this service.

e. Cultural and Recreational programmes

The organization attempts to help the inmates to learn some values and messages in order to correct and reform their character and life with various cultural programmes, which would bring in some message to them. The movement tries to stage orchestra, drama, dance and other awareness programmes in prison with a view to their correction and reformation. The inmates are furnished with sports programmes in prison for which the movement provides sports items on prison.


i. Scholarship to Children

The children from the poor families of both prisoners and those of the victims of various crimes, who find it hard to continue their education due to their financial constrains are provided with a yearly scholarship. They are also given other helps such as books and clothes in preparation to commence their schooling at the very beginning of the academic year.

ii. Insurance coverage

Jesus fraternity focusing at an integral growth and development seeks to provide the poor families of prisoners and their victims and their families with an insurance policy to support them when they are hit with tragedies of sickness or other dangers.

iii. Financial and other supports

Genuine and deserving cases are given serious consideration for a financial support at the time of marriage of their girls, while making a moderate house to live with dignity like others in society. Occasionally the organization itself shoulders the responsibility of arranging the marriage of the girls from poor families of both prisoners as well as those from the families of the victims of offences.

iv. Get-together

Every year at the time of Christmas and New Year by the initiative of the organization the children from the poor families of both the prison inmates and victims, the released prisoners who undergo post rehabilitation programs at various centers come together to celebrate Christmas. They share their joy together and receive gifts.

Another gathering is hoisted for children alone during the summer every year.




The specific goal of this ministry is: The overall welfare and integral development of prisoners and their families, their victims and their families with the hope for a crimeless and peaceful society, being at the greater service of God, holding high the sacrificial and compassionate love of Christ who died a criminal’s death.


1. To help the prisoners in co-operation with the govt. to realize one’s mistakes done and accept the period of imprisonment as reparation for the same.

2. To enable them to correct and reform themselves and their behaviour and follow the norms, customs, cultures and values of the society.

3. To assist them to reintegrate themselves into their family and society as useful, good and responsible people, and develop and acquire a good, balanced and mature personally.

4. To help the families of the prisoners, the victims and their families for their rehabilitation accepting the difficulties, pains shame and loss that have been incurred due to violence and crime.

5. To help the growing children and youth to learn the values of life and develop a good behaviour and personality and to avoid learning counter behaviour and life style.

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