Prison Ministry India:
An undertaking of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council


Jesus Fraternity is a Church Organization established in 1985 and approved by the Peace, Justice and Development Commission of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council in 1989. This focuses its attention on the correction, reformation and rehabilitation of those in prison, the welfare and integral development of their children, families, the victims and their families. It also attempts to orient its services to prevent the potential criminals and delinquents. At present it has been operating in all the central prisons and jails in Kerala offering various religious and non-religious services to all categories of people, irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and color. As such it has been widely accepted and appreciated by the state department as a voluntary agency and by majority of the masses. The Church in Kerala through this agency caters approximately to 8000 prisoners and to a double number of others. The organization has 46 units to serve those who are already in prison, carrying the message of Jesus’ compassionate and forgiving love into the prisons walls.

The ministry attempts to help not only the prison inmates but also their children and families on the road to a positive return to their normal life in the society. It also extends its boundaries of services to the victims of various crimes and their families, preparing the ground for reconciliation between the families of victims and the offenders and their families.

The agency tries to help those prisoners already released through an immediate program of rehabilitation through 9 centers across the state. They remain in these centers for a period of 6 months before they get into their families in order to be attuned to the society and family.

Following is the list of these 9.

1. Snehasramam Vettukkad
2. Ashadeepam Vettukkad
3. Nirmal Bhavan Mariapuram
4. Snehanivas Aluva
5. Shantibhavan Pathadipalam
6. Karunyashram Thoppil
7. Snehashram Monvila
8. Snehadeepam Inchiani
9. Agustinian Nivas Punalur

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