The specific goal of this ministry is: The overall welfare and integral development of prisoners and their families, their victims and their families with the hope for a crimeless and peaceful society, being at the greater service of God, holding high the sacrificial and compassionate love of Christ who died a criminal’s death.


1. To help the prisoners in co-operation with the govt. to realize one’s mistakes done and accept the period of imprisonment as reparation for the same.

2. To enable them to correct and reform themselves and their behaviour and follow the norms, customs, cultures and values of the society.

3. To assist them to reintegrate themselves into their family and society as useful, good and responsible people, and develop and acquire a good, balanced and mature personally.

4. To help the families of the prisoners, the victims and their families for their rehabilitation accepting the difficulties, pains shame and loss that have been incurred due to violence and crime.

5. To help the growing children and youth to learn the values of life and develop a good behaviour and personality and to avoid learning counter behaviour and life style.

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